Our Mission

An initiative of the Plan National Cancer-2 (PNC2) in Luxembourg

LIH has a coordinating role towards a new National Center for Translational Cancer Research (NCTCR), an initiative of the Plan National Cancer-2 (PNC2) from the Ministry of Health, which is seeking to foster research in translational oncology with a direct impact on patients and society.

In order to engage public and private stakeholders towards a consolidated consortium, the initiative has received seed funding from the FNR. This initiation phase will enable the development of ideas and building of a full proposal for the future NCTCR.


The NCTCR will aim to stimulate translational cancer research and build bridges between scientific developments and treatment in the hospital. By its design, the NCTCR will ultimately seek to become a cornerstone for future precision cancer therapeutics in Luxembourg and drive patient-oriented research towards precision oncology.

The NCTCR benefits will be felt by the patient. It will have the potential to:

  • accelerate precision oncology efforts on a national scale,
  • expand access for patients to leading-edge clinical trials,
  • improve the quality of care.